A bouquet of Arabic proverbs in English.
Introduction to Arab proverbs.
The Arab proverbs were subject to modifications after which several of them have known different readings, in view that they constituted the kind of speech the most widespread among people and the most commonly used in the language.
If the wisdoms have thrived in the caliphs and sultans cabinet following the example of poetry, and was linked to power and the regime, the Arab proverbs had for origin the Arabs who lived in the countryside and are in close contact with all sorts of animals.
If the change has ruined some ancient Arab books, the biggest part was that of proverbs and wisdom ((* (.
. Each proverb has a story. But who is the one that knows the story of each proverb, a mainly ancient proverbs coming from remote eras.
It is known that a proverb may come from an incident, from a metaphor, from a story or an extract of poetry. We have chosen a bouquet of ancient proverbs of pure Arabic language which recalls briefly an incident or a story. We made sure to present to the reader an example of a story already mentioned at the end of each proverb.
. Give the bow to his sharpener*
Oil in the paste is never lost
Nothing is closer to a man than his shadow.* 
Beauty lies in the speech
Criticism precedes punishment.
It is better to rebuke ones’ brothers than lose them. (** (.
It is a good shooting that of a bad shooter. (Abu Darda). 
A problem is solved when it gets
tougher.(Abu Al Fadl Al Nuzari-12th century)
He behaves as lion towards me and is an ostrich in war.( Omran Al Sadoussi 7th century).
News come from where you least expect it. (Turfa Ibn Al Abd) *. (
A farmer for himself, his harvest for the others. (Ali Ibn Abi Talib).
A slaughtered animal suffers no more.* 
A satiated person cooks slowly for a hungry one.
To throw one’s buckets among the buckets is to make one’s voice heard in the concert.
The one who fears the duel will never succeed. 
More numerous than ants *
Tighter than a needle’s eye.
Softer than dawn sleeping.
More cautious than the chameleon.
More stupid than an Ostrich.
More dangerous than a scorpion.
Make your visit short and you will be appreciated. (* (
Need engenders the means. ** (
I hear a crackle, but I do not see a flour.
A needle in a haystack.
A husband of wood, and not a dromedary. (ِAl Isba Al Idwani).

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