1- Anecdote d’Al Asmai :
While was walking in a valley, I passed by a rock on which was in scripted: Oh, lovers, in the name of God, tell me if a young person falls in love what does he do? Alasmaii wrote under it: “He conceals his love, keeps his secret and behaves with reverence and submission”. Alasmaii came back the day after and found written under his own inscription: “Can he conceal his love while it is killing him, and every day cuts his heart into pieces?” he wrote under it “If he cannot afford to keep his secrets, he has nothing better than death.” He came back the day after and found written under it: “We heard and complied with, and then we died, please transmit our sincere greetings to those who prevented our meetings”. (T. Alasmai’s anecdote)
An amusing anecdote from the Abbasid era: * (
2- “A man married a woman after divorcing another, the divorced one passed by the house of the new one and said: ‘The two clothes are not the same, a shabby cloth and a new cloth between the seller’s hands; then the new spouse passed by the door of the older one and said ‘Displace your heart whenever you want love, because love is only for the first lover’
3- Am addressing you, listen to me,
A proverb story you mean my words, listen my neighbor
Oh the most beautiful among the beautiful!
A man was on a trip, went through an oasis inhabited by peasants and he asked to meet their chief. They showed him where he usually lived but he was not there. The chief’s sister offered him hospitality; she was hidden behind her veil. She welcomed him very warmly and spoke in a soft voice words he never heard before.
He discovered her beauty, and failed deeply in love with her. He asked her to marry him: “Oh, the most beautiful of the countries and cities, look at me” he said. The young woman heard what he said and understood that he was addressing her and told him: “stay as long as you like and go whenever you like, I will never reproach you”. (Alghazari Souhail, 5th century)..

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