Can we reduce smoking without quitting smoking?
In easy English, through NLP.

Presented by Richard Bundler and Gender
New ideas are able to reprogram the mind again and replace negative habits and behaviors with positive ones such as smoking and consuming stimuli, and adjusting them to a new method using NLP, and the steps are as follows:
1) Smoking a cigarette with a juice, coffee or other drink.
The first step is to send a mental message to the brain to program it, by thinking and using nerve fibers, that is, by asking the brain to want to reduce smoke.
Psychologically, he associated cigarette smoking with drinking: coffee, tea, juice, etc.
With repetition and persistence, it becomes a programmed habit in the brain that is difficult to resist.
The result of this behavior is to give a signal to the brain that a cigarette is tasteless without being accompanied by a drink, this will become a habit over time, which leads to a decrease in the number of cigarettes by at least 30%, to become a habit associated with the smoking habit, which is part of it, because the drink is not available At all times, with the passage of time it becomes a programmed habit in the brain, and you will have the benefit of increasing the fluids needed by the body, especially the kidneys and bladder, that is, we reduce the smoke and increase the fluids.
2) Use the filter for a thicker cigarette.
After a while, a second mental message is sent to the brain using a thick cigarette filter, which will be resistant to the brain of course, the person will become once and again not to use the filter, with persistence and persuasion. By yourself, you will feel the difference between the days you used the filter and not the filter, and the improvement you felt from the lack of phlegm and severe coughing.
3) Change the cigarette from thick to thin
After a while, a mental message is sent to its programming: to change the cigarette from thick to thin, it will be difficult at first by the brain, but it will certainly get used to it after a week or two. Because the smoker gets the big difference, which feels the immediate results in the lack of phlegm and coughing. Of course, the amount of smoking will be halved.
4) Use the filter for thin cigarettes
After a while, we will try to use the filter for a thin cigarette, and the task will be more difficult. It takes two weeks or a month to be programmed in the brain, and it becomes a matter of using the filter, and in the end, you will get used to that if you are able to convince yourself through personal development, that a cigarette without a filter cannot smoke, and over time the brain does not accept a thick or thin cigarette. Without a filter, the brain inevitably sticks to an order, and it becomes difficult to accept smoking a cigarette without a filter, whatever the circumstances. .
Additional practices:
Do not smoke a cigarette on an empty stomach, but rather after eating, which reduces the effects of a cigarette. .
To get rid of phlegm or residual cough, what to do?
You should walk 40 minutes in the evening before bed, or use a stationary bike, or do 15 minutes in the morning and another in the evening.
If you practice it, it will be programmed into the brain, and you cannot sleep at night without doing this.
Smoking must be transformed from a behavioral problem to a behavioral habit, and then it can either continue to the minimum or leave it, depending on the individual differences.
Prepared by: Soufan Akef

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