Corona virus in the world? What are the most common side effects of vaccines.

1- Symptoms of the vaccine: Pfabzer Biontech
Fever, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, nausea and general body aches
Especially after the injection of the second dose of the vaccine, a sign of the body’s reaction to the intruder, to strengthen the immune system.
Other side effects, such as swelling and redness, are rare at the injection site.
2- Moderna vaccine symptoms: the most common side effects
Among the most common side effects identified after injection of MODRNA vaccine
Nausea, vomiting, fever, fatigue and sometimes headache and inflammation of the lymph nodes
Its degree varies from mild to moderate and it usually goes away within a few days of the date of vaccination.
“It has been observed that with the exception of lymphadenopathy, the frequency of frequently reported systemic reactions is higher during the administration of the second dose compared to the first dose.
In some cases, localized symptoms, such as rash and chills, have been reported after the injection.
3- AstraZeneca vaccine: the most common side effects.
To date, the most common side effects of AstraZenka vaccine that have been reported are flu-like symptoms that go away within 24 to 48 hours. Side effects are often recognized after injections of the first and second vaccines, such as swelling of the lymph nodes, nausea or vomiting, fever, fatigue, mild headache, irritable mood, discomfort and joint pain.
What to do if side effects occur after the coronavirus vaccination.
If after injecting the first or second dose of the vaccine you experience the most common side effects (fatigue, muscle or joint pain, fever, headache, nausea, etc.), you should know that these symptoms will go away. Alone, a few days after vaccination, ”
Finally, if you notice any side effects that have not yet been listed, other than those previously reported
You must contact a healthcare professional to report it immediately
Summary of side effect reports after vaccination
In general, the reports of mild side effects for each vaccine were generally higher, but the reporting rates of serious effects were very low.
It is normal to have a slight fever, muscle pain, redness, pain or swelling at the injection site after receiving the vaccination.
These reactions show that the immune system is reacting the way it should .
Side effects are usually mild, appear within hours of the injection, and last for a few days at most.
After the second dose, reactions may be more pronounced, but they are not dangerous.
Vaccine allergy؟
Anaphylaxis sometimes occurs a few minutes after vaccination.
Vaccination can also cause severe stress, which sometimes leads to:
Fainting in some cases, anxiety attacks or convulsions and in some cases joint pain during the first week after vaccination.
Sources: Reports from health agencies in many European and American countries
Prepared by: the scientific authority.

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