Diversifying your portfolio is essential when it comes to managing risks. Helps smooth performance and avoid vibrations, thus reducing overall risk.
When the market is falling strongly, it is necessary to verify the reasons for the decline and wait before making your decision to enter the market, but make your decision based on the experience and the information based on it. In the absence of sufficient sources of information, follow the method of segmented purchases, and use volatility as a means of profit.
Markets are very volatile, and emotions do not control them, because the market is often controlled by capital flows, and this requires experience to deal with them.
Do not trade with someone else’s money or borrow from banks. Rather, the money is completely yours so that you do not bear the consequences of it, in the future.
If you suffer from a neurological disease or a heart condition, I advise you not to enter into a business at all.

You should consider:
You should consider:
The volume of daily market liquidity plays a big role in determining financial market trends.
The timing of entering the market, the period of time, stock prices, information flow and knowledge of this all play a major role in proper trading.
The strength of the company – its earnings – its reputation – the percentage of transparency – the history of stock movement – the level of volatility: slow, medium, large…
Do not trade with more than a quarter of your capital, regardless of the market situation. I advise not to put all of the liquidity in the trading account ,and in the same bank, but rather to put a part of it in another bank that guarantees liquidity for you in times of crisis, so that you have liquidity that uses part of it when necessary, and so that your emotions do not lead you.
There are small and large groups that cooperate and coordinate with each other, meet periodically and contribute to supporting your trading decisions:

they can be identified by visiting your trading centers, provided that you are generous in dealing with them.
Prepared by the scientific Comity.

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