How effective is the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm?

In early February, the Chinese laboratory reported that the overall vaccine efficacy rate was about 50% in preventing infections and 80% in preventing cases requiring medical intervention.
Vaccination results in Turkey and Indonesia.
The results in the two countries show that the vaccine is safe and has an immune effect on people of all age groups, and in February 2021, the results of the Chinese vaccination in Turkey reported that the vaccine was 91.25% effective, while Indonesia reported only 65.3%.
Vaccination results in Chile and Brazil.
In mid-April 2021, in Chile, a study of the Chinese vaccine confirmed that it was very effective in preventing and confronting severe cases of corona, and preventing death, however, Brazilian researchers confirmed that the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine was estimated at about 50.38% only.
Results of vaccination in Cambodia.
Previously, the Cambodian Ministry of Health spokesman and Minister of Foreign Affairs announced the Chinese vaccine is safe, effective and does not have any serious side effects.
There were only a few cases of mild and moderate side effects, such as: hypothermia, slight itching, redness, swelling at the injection site, and other side effects such as: headache, fever, stiffness at the injection site, and rash.
All reports stated that one of the advantages of the Chinese vaccine is that it is easy to transport and store easily, unlike other vaccines:
Moderna, Pfizer and Astarasica, which require storage at low temperatures, some of them, such as Pfizer, reach 70 degrees Celsius.
Results of vaccination in the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.
On October 11, 2020, Sinopharm said in a statement on Network
The data from vaccines conducted in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are “better than expected”, without giving any additional information on side effects.
Results of vaccination in China.
In fact, although the Chinese vaccine has not been approved by international organizations, the vaccine is being given to the Chinese public as part of the emergency use program authorized by Chinese officials in July 2020.
Some mild side effects occurred after the vaccination, such as (fever, pain, redness and swelling at the site of the vaccine, and the absence of serious side effects.
Results of vaccination in Brazil.
The emergence of Brazilian statements indicating that the Chinese vaccine lags behind those in the West in terms of prevention, which did not exceed 50%, according to the results of vaccines that were made in Brazil in particular.
Media war.
After a year of the spread of the coronavirus, Chinese media and officials are launching a torrent of statements to blame other countries and undermine confidence in Western vaccines, in fact, Beijing is already on the way to Moscow in the propaganda war and the vaccine war.
Chinese scientists said that the Europeans should reject “the hasty American vaccines linked to the death of the elderly.”
Needless to say, more than a year after the Coronavirus spread widely in the world after its birth in China, conflicting reports have emerged as part of another Chinese attempt to blame other countries for the pandemic and undermine confidence in Western vaccines.
It does not seem a coincidence that the new attack that aims to blur the lines is completely unfolding, as a team from the World Health Organization in Wuhan is trying to investigate the origins of the virus, and doubts about Chinese vaccines have increased after clinical data showed the presence of side effects similar to those in Western vaccines without Advertise it frankly.
It seems that there is a gap that must be bridged between propaganda and reality, so the response of the Chinese government propaganda machine is to try to discredit Western vaccines and vice versa.
Prepared by: The Scientific Authority

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