Good listening:
Learning to listen well and speak well, good listening is waiting for the speaker
to finish his speech, reducing the desire to hear the answer, looking at the
speaker's face, and paying attention to what he is saying.
New ideas:
– Your participation in a new job begins with taking on new and unfamiliar
roles, and assuming new responsibilities that you can take on, which are not
impossible, and all of them are opportunities for renewal, learning, proof of
your abilities and self-building
– Choose a realistic goal that matches your age.
Choose what you like to learn and what you want to do, unleash your
Journey to success:
– Remember that your personal journey to success is made by your
efforts, and you are the only one who achieves this.
– Good qualities in a person do not last and develop without the presence of
someone who agrees and supports, from a close friend or intimate partner.
– Remember, the quality of the support team is more important than their
Positive attitudes.
– Your attitudes, whatever your job: determines success in your business.
– A positive attitude towards all clients without any discrimination.
– Self-confidence and maximizing personal capabilities without exaggeration.
Career behavior and customer service:
– Love of work and pride in organization and institution.
– Wear appropriate and well-groomed clothing.
– Natural smile, relaxed face, eye contact.

– The calm tone of voice in speech and phone, medium in size, expresses
activity and liveliness.
– The importance of understanding the customer,
Listen to what the customer wants.
– You should make him feel welcome and happy to see him and serve him.
That the client feels important:
– Make the waiting area comfortable for the customer.
– Psychological need: taking care of them and welcoming them with
acceptance and pleasure.
– Work to meet the needs of your customers
– Prepare for unexpected emergencies.
– Make sure your clients respond to you.
– Pay attention to their complaints
– The necessity of courtesy to win difficult clients by your side.
– Work to meet the needs of your customers
– Giving appropriate feedback: a better suggestion to the customer.
– Satisfying the four basic needs: understanding, welcome, importance
and comfort.
Dealing with customers:
– Do not use complicated technical terms.
– Find out if the customer understands or not.
– Upon completion of the transaction, inform the customer that you have
completed the transaction.
– Don't overuse body language, such as movements, signs, and gestures
– Know that: your attitudes and behavior, whatever your job: determines
success in your work.
Choose to live in the light, out of the shade
Prepared by: . Akef Joseph Soufan

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