In English

Excerpts from Jewish, Kurdish, And Far East.
1- Jewish wisdom

Whoever gets married in the darkness, divorces in the daylight
The house of someone is his wife.
If poor men get married, beggars increase
If a rich man steals, we say that he is mistaking, when a poor man is mistaking, we say that he steals.
A disturbing truth is better than a suitable lie.
When reporting the speech of someone, imagine him standing in front of you.
Two things cannot stay long hidden: richness and poverty.
Deux choses ne peuventresterlongtempscachées: la richesse et la pauvreté.
Exile in richness is a homeland, the homeland in poverty is an exile.
Words coming from the heart enter the heart.
He who saves the life of a man saves the life of humanity.
The strong man is the one who knows how to control his desires. * (
When you laugh, everyone noticed, when you cry, no one see
Father is dominance, uncle is distress
Brother is a trap, child is a pain, and relatives scorpions.
To be lion’s tail better than a fox head
The lie has only one leg, truth has two
Jealousy, and ambition lead man to the cemetery

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