What are the symptoms of autism and the behaviors of those with :

Interview with Dr. Akef Soufan
Autism spectrum disorder symptoms range from mild to severe, but most people need some help in either case.
– People with autism differ greatly in their ability to work. Some children with autism spectrum disorder continue their normal lives with parents, despite their unusual behavior and behavior with parents.
Older children with autism prefer to play alone and not form personal relationships or friendships outside of the family.
Capabilities of an autistic patient
They may can not use eye contact or facial expressions for social communication.
They have difficulty interpreting the moods of others, and interpreting other people’s expressions.
They may find it difficult to know how and when to join in a conversation with others, and they may use inappropriate phrases that are sometimes disturbing to others.
They may ignore some sounds and feel very disturbed by the behavior of others.
These factors can make others perceive an autistic patient as eccentric, which leads to him automatically becoming socially isolated.
Autistic behaviors
People with autism spectrum disorders may struggle to not taste some foods, and work to replace them with others, or change clothes, toys, or furniture arrangements in their room. They often do things frequently, their movements are repetitive and their emotions are not clear to others.
Their behavior can become very aggressive, or they resort to shouting, unjustified fear, and even self-harm.
Their emotional reactions are inappropriate to usual social situations, and their sensory reactions are unusual. Thus, they suffer from other accompanying disorders, such as insomnia, learning difficulty, attention disorder, hyperactivity, epilepsy, anxiety and depression. Etc …
Younger or more affected children often repeat certain actions such as swinging, clapping, or spinning things. Frequently.
Some can harm themselves, by fighting or biting.
Autistic people often have very special and often unusual interests. For example, a child may be fascinated by showering or sleeping too much.
Autistic patients may have unusual reactions to pain, or the sensation of hot or cold more than others.
Do they have special skills
Autism patients generally score better on locomotor and spatial tests than verbal tests.
Some individuals with autism have special or “segmented” skills, such as the ability to perform complex mental calculations.
Unfortunately, these individuals often cannot use these skills constructively or in social relationships and they are employed positively in some institutions in the West.

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